Forced Birth Fanatic

While perusing comments on Obama’s website today under advancing reproductive rights and health in the new administration, I ran across this statement from more than one person.  Here is one example: “the forced-birth fanatics want dead women, must have their dead women! Those women had sex, so they must die! “  Maybe I have heard this in the past as it does not seem completely unfamiliar to me but I guess it didn’t stick in my mind.  Forced birth fanatics.  That is what we are referred to as.  I couldn’t resist posting the following as a response to the comment:
“Why stop at forcing women to give birth to live children. Even you yourself probably want to force men and women to continue caring for their children after they have left the womb where it is legal to kill them. Why is there discrimination once the baby is born. Shouldn’t we be allowed to choose whether or not we want to continue the BURDEN of parenting outside the womb, where the child is truly more of a parasite, especially on fathers who don’t have to do anything when the baby is in the womb.

I think we should all start working for the rights of parents to choose whether or not their child lives at any stage of development, zygote, fetus, newborn, infant, toddler, pre-schooler, adolescent, teenager (I bet plenty of parents would really love to “terminate” at this stage of development)

This IS the next logical step after FOCA enshrines abortion as a right guaranteed protection under the constitution, isn’t it??”

While it is obvious to the pro-life eye that this post is completely sarcastic, unfortunately, this is the next step after FOCA in the minds of some.  These “some” have very loud voices and big pocketbooks.  The heard and listened to minority.  Obama’s site is open to the public.  I encourage all  pro-lifers to start an account (takes 60 seconds) and start posting comments, creating “ideas for change”, voting on existing “ideas for change”, especially the pro-life ones.  We may just be humoring ourselves that this will make a difference in his policies or administration, but if it helps to open the eyes of only one of his ardent supporters it will be well worth the time.

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