Why I’m Glad Obama Won

Last night we witnessed history and I actually am very excited about the future.  You might wonder how I could possibly be excited about our countries future when we just elected the most pro-death president in the history of our great nation.  How could I be excited about the thought of losing my freedoms: speech, parental rights, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness?  It is precisely because of this that I am excited!  There has been a silent majority just waiting to be woken from their slumber and I think it just happened.  At least, I hope the future will show that it did.  Obama is going to bring about “Change” but not through himself,  his administration or his policies.  This change is going to come from this silent majority.  It needs to come from this silent majority.

God has historically allowed civilizations to destroy themselves in order to rebuild them.  We see this reflected in nature.  At first glance a forest fire seems devastating, but afterwards the fertile soil re-grows with vigor not seen in recent past.  It is not until after the fact that it is realized that this was necessary for the renewal of the land.  We the people have just been destroyed, brought to our lowest low.  There is nowhere to go but up, IF we get over our inaction and apathy.  If we realize that God has chosen us to do His work.  What an honor.  God is relying on us not the government, judges, or politicians to fulfill His mission.

The other day I heard a talk show host say that we need to “deal with the cards we have been dealt” in reference to our choices from the two major parties.  I have a different take.  I believe that we, not only dealt the cards ourselves, we hand picked them.  This presidential election cycle, in my opinion, we saw the two worst candidates in my lifetime. On the one hand you have Obama, with the most liberal voting record in history and on the other you have McCain a moderate Republican at best and lukewarm at worst.  Revelation 3:16-17 “I know your works; I know that you are neither cold nor hot.  I wish you were either cold or hot. So, because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth.”

McCain would not have done much to build a Culture of Life.  It is going to take more than a few Supreme Court justices to stop the demand that is driving the supply of the abortion mills.  Simply voting once every couple of years is NOT going to end abortion.   In fact, I think if McCain were the President elect today the demand for abortion would increase because we would think we had some breathing room.  There is no breathing room now and there never has been.  We must stop choosing the path of least resistance.  We must be willing to sacrifice for life if we want to see real change.  The kind of change that is the result of God’s will. Did we receive the graces we should have from voting for Bush, if that was truly God’s will?  While he made some great changes for the cause of life (banning partial birth abortion, ending Federal funding, consent for minors) it was drop in the bucket compared to what he should have done, especially while he had a Republican controlled house and senate.  Additionally, his foreign policy and deliberate abuse of power has led millions into the arms of pro-infanticide Obama.

We got what we deserved.  We pushed the moderate pro-lifers and those apathetic to abortion right into the open arms of this man.  The pro-life movement needs to stop identifying themselves with the Republican party.  This is a political institution.  It can and will not save us.  We must rest in God and do His work ourselves.  We can not rely on a politician to save lives, save souls.  They have proven for 35 years that political rhetoric is good enough to keep us coming back for more.  It is time to say enough is enough, do the work ourselves and STOP voting for them.

What about FOCA?  FOCA SCHMOCA!!!

Sure abortion rates will go up with FOCA…IF we do nothing.  Now is the time to be pro-active, get everyone you know to be pro-active.  Talk about abortion, show pictures of aborted babies to people, go to the mills. How many of us could get off of our computers for one hour a week and pray outside an abortion mill, bringing Christ’s presence to Golgatha, shed some light on hell on earth.   I just recently started going to my local Planned Parenthood abortion mill once a week to pray for an hour with my five children.  Before this I prided myself on being extremely pro-life but I only went to the abortion mill once a year on Good Friday.  Thank God for 40 Days for Life.  I signed up for a slot and plan on continuing to go even though the 40 days are up and I know many others doing the same.  This is what is truly going to end abortion. If every pro-life person went to the local abortion mill one hour a week to pray, a pro-death candidate like the Barak Obama would never make it past the first round of the primaries.  Instead, I now personally know many people willing to overlook his extremist pro-abortion, pro-infanticide views who not only voted for him but CAMPAIGNED for him because he represented “change”.

For 35 years we, I say we even though I am in the generation of survivors of Roe vs. Wade, have been trying to end abortion by legislation.  Even if abortion is made illegal there will still be a demand.  Sure laws would help but they aren’t the ONLY means.  We need to work on building a Culture of Life from the ground up so that laws not only get passed but are followed because abortion will be an abomination to all in society.


On the radio this morning I heard a great recommendation on Heart Mind and Strength

1)All of us need to start calling, emailing, writing letters, etc. to the Republican Party Headquarters, local and national, to tell them if they want to win next time they need to give us someone we can vote for, someone who REALLY holds our pro-life views and the views of the party platform.

2)Catholics need to call their local diocesan office and very humbly request for a message to be delivered to their Bishop asking him to bring up at the USCCB the issue of pro-abortion politicians.  These politicians need to be denied communion because they have already excommunicated themselves by causing public scandal.  The Bishops need to enforce this amongst the local priests.  (Just a side note to non Catholics, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi and the like do not represent Catholic’s or authentic Catholic teaching.)

Other things to do:

All pro-life Christians talk to your pastors about abortion.  Ask them to speak to the congregation about the subject.  Distribute flyers on Sundays.  Educate those in your church.

Prayer.  As much effort as we put into praying, fasting, sacrificing so Obama would not be elected we need to continue to do for his and Biden’s conversion.  We need to pray for the conversion of all of our politicians, past, present and future.

I can not stress enough how important it is to be willing to go to the place where the killing is taking place.   Saving souls is the most important thing and I know we can do that by praying at the abortion mills.  I think the devil uses politics and elections as a distraction so people won’t go where the killing is actually taking place, just sit and argue about which politician will help end abortion better and quicker instead of going to the killing fields and the devil is completely content.  Why aren’t hundreds, thousands of pro-life people going to the mills every day.  If this started to happen it would weaken the power the politicians had over the pro-life community.  The pro-life carrot on a stick to vote Republican would be gone because WE the PEOPLE would be ending abortion at the source.

Ask yourself:  If this were Nazi Germany what would I be willing to do to help those in the concentration camps?  Would you be willing to risk your life to bring food to the prisoners, help them escape, hide them in your home?  We do not have to risk our lives to go to the abortion mills.  We only need to give up a little bit of time and comfort.  Is that too much to ask to help stop this genocide?

Ask yourself, if they were ripping the arms and legs off of toddlers at Planned Parenthood would I be there every day to stop it?  Why aren’t we doing the same for pre-born babies.

We must not be so conceded that we let our desire to see a dramatic change in our lifetime shape our choices.  We may never see a significant change but our children’s children will.  We must do what is best in order to bring about God’s will.  I want true, everlasting change and peace to come to our country, our world.  We need to realize that our holy choices now will help to usher in this peace and change someday and we will get to witness it from the presence of God, knowing that our choices helped to bring about His will on earth.


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