What’s Your Stance?

A Facebook friend asked me this:

Are you Conservative? Constitutionalis? I gather NOT an independant! Love the passion
What’s your stance?

Here’s my response:

I’ve never claimed either party before but end up generally voting Republican because I can’t vote for anyone that is not pro-life. In the last election I voted for Chuck Baldwin who ran as the Constitution Party’s candidate for President. I would have written in Ron Paul but write ins hardly get counted with all of the ballot fraud.

What’s my stance? That could take awhile, but I will be brief. First and foremost, I believe in the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, including humans in the womb, afforded us by the Constitution of our Nation. I believe in limited government. I believe that the two party system is a rouse. There is one puppet master behind both democrats and republicans working towards the same goal of degrading our country and everything it was founded on to help usher in their plan for a one world currency and government. This plan has gained exceptional ground since 9/11. Bush systematically destroyed our liberties and freedoms in the name of “the war on terror” and now Obama will finish the job by systematically destroying the economy, the dollar and the middle class. Thus, creating an even bigger social elite and a slave class, slaves to government run programs. In less than one year, the Obama administration has seized government control of a huge part of society and now they are after the rest with socialized healthcare. Obama is also on the road to dismantling our national sovereignty. State sovereignty will be all but dead if more people do not join the R3VOLUTION!!

My stance is that people in this country need to wake up!! Apathy paved the way and false activism sealed the deal. A starry eyed, main stream media brain washed vote for Obama did nothing to help. In fact, it played right into the elitist plans. When people finally open their eyes and come out of their entertained-cult of self-slumbers, they will be living in a communist tyranny and it will be too late to effect “change” peacefully, through the political process without the threat of lost lives.

I am an unapologetic activist, primarily for the Right to Life, but you can find me standing up for all sorts of rights and against evils. I believe the whole system our society runs on is set up to make people sick, stupid and immoral…from the food we eat, to the television and movies we watch and the lies we are fed by our government. Once you unplug from this system it becomes more and more clear every day!!

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