The Void

I am going to be adding a new category and thought I would write a quick note explaining what it means.  The Void.  Well, for quite some time I have been noticing here and there things that seem to be askew or missing from society.  I have come to the realization over the years that this is in direct correlation to the heresy of modernism invading the Catholic Church and the Church’s subsequent shrinking back into the hidden state.  Obviously, the Church has shrunk, at least what the Church is supposed to be, but sometimes I visualize this as the following..

The Church was like a cloud of smoke from a wonderfully burning fire.  The fire of God’s truth, love and blessings.  This cloud permeated throughout society blanketing everything it touched, leaving its mark.  As soon as the heresy of modernism started its awful decent it was as if a rain cloud opened up on this roaring fire of truth, smoldering it.  When you first douse a fire with water you will notice the cloud of smoke become large, intense, overwhelming, choking and full of soot.  This heretical cloud from the rain of modernism pervaded throughout society covering the mark of God’s truth with soot.  In spite of this heretical cloud, God’s mercy has allowed His fire to remain smoldering, much like the fires of the Twin Towers that continued to burn unseen for months on end, except God’s fire will burn eternally, as long as there is a remnant to continue to stoke it.

Back to the void.  Since God’s truth has been covered with soot it has left a tremendous void in society.  Every aspect of life has been effected.  Some areas are obvious, some are not.  When there is a void, a vacuum, something eventually comes along to fill it.  This is what I plan to write about, my observations of how the void left by the Church shrinking back has left room for some very interesting things to spring up in it’s place.  Hopefully, we can learn from these things, start to dust the soot off and get the fire of God’s truth roaring again.

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