The ‘Pro-Choice’ Movement is Not My Enemy

So The Mommypotamus, a pretty popular blog amongst the holistic community, had a guest blogger post about abortion and her pro-choice perspective. I got a frantic message from a friend asking me to post a response. To mine and her surprise the comments were overwhelmingly “pro-choice”. As a pro-life Catholic I still find it shocking how many holistic, crunchy, organic, protestants buy into the “pro-choice” lie while already having their eyes opened to living a healthier lifestyle. Anyways, I prayed and waited awhile and here is what the Holy Spirit did…


I have to say I couldn’t disagree with you more. There are several points brought up in your post I would like to address.

Religion and morals… Abortion is not a religious or moral issue. It is a Civil Liberties issue. Insert, slavery into everything you have said about abortion and you have a completely different blog post, horrified readers and media attention. If we focus on it as a Civil Liberty issue, the pro-choice argument dissolves into thin air.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”

You can’t have liberty and the pursuit of happiness without life. The abortion mentality is exactly what caused this screwed up system in the first place. The system where a sheriff came out and put a laboring woman in shackles for a forced c-section. I am a mother of 5 children the last three VBAC homebirths. I have also been a victim of a false CPS case full of lies made against us by a doctor, so I “get” this scenario. Allowing the rights of some members of society (rights that are not there because of a law) to be taken away to protect the rights of other members of society is not the answer. This only creates a society that doesn’t value rights, period. This created the society that allowed a laboring woman to be forced to have a c-section. You can’t have a society that values a woman’s right to homebirth if the society doesn’t value the rights of a woman to even be born. There is no foundation to build on. It is precisely because of our rights as women that we need to stand up for the rights of all people. If we care about our right to homebirth, not vaccinate, breastfeed, grow our own food, homeschool, etc. than we sure as hades better stand up for the rights of those who can’t even speak for themselves. We have to let go of fear and selfishness and protect the rights of all humans if we want to keep our own rights.

Half of all fetus’s aborted are women. What about their choice? What about their reproductive rights? At the time of being aborted those females have all of their reproductive organs. Where is their choice? Google Gianna Jessen.

Adoption…have you ever worked at a crisis pregnancy center? Do you know that this option is being used in the pro-life community everyday? If you want to do something to ensure adoption is secured as a viable option then go get trained to be a sidewalk counselor. Stand outside the abortion clinic and counsel these women to have their baby and put it up for adoption because once they set foot into the clinic adoption is no longer an option. There is no choice once inside an abortion clinic. These 13, 14, 15 year old scared little girls are manipulated into abortion thousands of times a day.

Black babies…I agree with your statistics about the amount of black babies that are aborted compared to white babies, 5 times more likely. This statistic comes directly from the Alan Guttmacher Institute an arm of Planned Parenthood. What isn’t talked about is why??? Why are so many more black pregnancies ended by abortion? Well, Planned Parenthood’s founder was a racist, eugenicist. She employed the help of one of Hitlers eugenicist at the inception of Planned Parenthood. In her book ‘Pivot of Civilization’ she called for the elimination of human weeds: “for the cessation of charity, for the segregation of morons, misfits, and maladjusted,” and for the sterilization of “genetically inferior races”. She also said in ‘Women and the New Race’, “The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it” She specifically opened her “clinics” in poor, black neighborhoods for this reason. Now they are being opened in poor, hispanic neighborhoods as well. If you want to help reduce the number of abortions performed on black women, go into these areas, educate the people. Look up Learn the statistics and inform these communities. Between 1882 and 1968 3,446 Blacks were lynched in the U.S. In less than 3 days of abortions that number is surpassed. Since 1973 over 13 million Black children have been killed by abortion and their mothers victimized. The Black community as a whole has given over 4 billion dollars to the abortion industry. As white people we need to get over our attitude that this problem can be solved by adopting these babies. We need to get out of our comfort zone and help these women where they are at. Go to their communities, help educate them. Abortion is not the answer and adoption isn’t the only other way. It is perfectly acceptable to help these poor, uneducated women keep their babies. In fact, that is almost always the best choice.

Sing up to be a Gabriel’s Angel. Adopt one of these women who has found herself in an unplanned pregnancy and wants to keep her baby.

Men & Responsibility…reproductive choice happens in the bedroom. Men and women choose to open themselves up to the possibility of a child the moment they consent to sexual intercourse. This has nothing to do with religion or morals either. It’s scientific fact. Abortion is used primarily as back up birth control when some other method fails. Men need to stand up and take responsibility for their children. The illusion of pro-choice only gives men an easy out. On the other hand I never hear the pro-choice movement speak about the fathers choice or rights. Your movement has taken away a fathers rights to have their child be born. There are many men who never wanted their child aborted. Where was their choice? These men regret lost fatherhood.

I know countless numbers of women that have had abortions and choice had nothing to do with it. These women are scarred for life. It deeply saddens me to read your post. It saddens me even more to read all the reply’s of people who share your point of view and even more so how many more people may be duped into this lie. Mainly because the pro-life community, as a whole, is NOT doing their job. More than half of Americans considers themselves pro-life and yet we can only get a handful of the same people day after day at the abortion clinics. These women and girls need this ‘choice’ you champion in this blog. They need to hear this ‘choice’ at the clinic and the only place they will here it is from a pro-life volunteer standing outside to help save them from a becoming a second victim of abortion. People, like yourself and the numerous commentors, who call themselves pro-choice, need to understand that this ‘choice’ hurts women too. The billions of women every year who choose abortion are the walking wounded. There is no reason for them to be this way. I completely agree with you that the ‘pro-choice’ movement is not my enemy. It is the lie they believe that is the enemy of the unborn baby. I know you would probably say that using the word enemy is divisive, but if you can’t call a philosophy, that wants for it to be legal for someone to be murdered, an enemy then who should you call an enemy? As pro-life people we stand up and proclaim this philosophy “enemy” for the unborn, the helpless who can not speak for themselves. Of course, you are not my enemy nor is any other pro-abortion or pro-choice person and I will stand with any one of you and cry with you if you make the ‘choice’ of abortion. We will be there for you outside the abortion clinic after you have made this ‘choice’ to welcome you with open arms and to shower you with love and let you know there is still hope.

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