St. Andrew Christmas Novena: Printable

This is the first year I decided to pray the St. Andrew Christmas novena with my children.  In years past I have prayed it on my own, so I only had one prayer card.  I went to go print the prayer off for all of us and remembered that I had made this great image a few years ago for one of my Swell Living leaders when she reached the rank of Diamond.  She has a big devotion to this novena and attributed praying it to her Young Living business growing at the rate it did and hitting the rank of Diamond.  I thought having a framed print of the novena would be a great reminder.

At that time I spent hours and hours searching through images of St. Andrew.  I researched him so I could get a better feel of what image I felt best represented him now.  There are so many images of him.  Some of the most memorable are the ones of him crucified on the iconic cross in the shape of an X.  This is, in fact, how he was crucified and he hung there for two days singing Psalms until he died.  St. Andrew was the brother of St. Peter the Apostle, our first pope.  As well as, St. Andrew was the first apostle called by Christ and he went and told his brother Simon (Peter) he found the Christ.  St. Andrew was a bit older when he was martyred so I wanted to find an image that best represented that.  I narrowed it down to a handful and with the help of my oldest daughter we picked this one.

If you plan to pray this novena with your family I hope this printable will be helpful to you.  I have put two to a page so that when you print it you’ll have to cut it in half.  Since there are seven of us praying this that meant less printing and ink for me.

Click/touch here to access the downloadable PDF printable of this prayer.

St. Andrew, pray for us!!