Should Christian Women Wear Bikinis?

Here is a great video of Jason Evert talking about the reasons why women should dress modestly, even on the beach.  Jason is a  great speaker.  For years he has been going into schools, secular and religious, even many public schools, talking to the kids about the infinite value of their bodies.  He has said many times when he gives these talks big, seemingly, tough guy jocks come up to him thanking him for telling them to wait to have sex.  These kids tell him they have never heard these things before and they are so glad he told them.  Droves of kids commit to living chastely after hearing his talks.  It’s hard to imagine that even most adults have not heard this information before.  I highly recommend his talks, especially if you have kids or have never heard this message before.  You can go to his website and listen to the talk Jason and his wife, Chrystalina give on chastity.