Pray for Barry


I stumbled across a blog the other by Taylor Marshall while doing a google search for the Franciscans website on my iPhone.  Google is a strange thing.  It can either take you directly where you had in mind or somewhere completely different that ends up in the creation of a blog piece.  Mr. Marshall has started “Rosaries for Obama”.  Every time you say a rosary, novena, fast from a meal, or say a simple prayer for the conversion of Obama you click the box on his blog and it will give you the results.  Last I checked there were 3 meals fasted, 247 rosaries, 43 prayers and 2 novena prayed for Obama.  I think this is a great idea.  Imagine if we all started to pray and offer up for this new “messiah”.  Imagine the influence he could have if he actually converted, heart, mind and soul.

The question is, will his followers continue to blindly trail behind him eating it up or will they continue down the path of secular humanism?  I am not one to ever want someone to blindly follow anyone or anything for any reason.  We can only hope that if he does convert his faithful followers will be forced to think, think about life.

“Rosaries for Obama” is one to pass around, spread the word.  If you have any questions check out the FAQ’s This whole subject brings to mind a bumper sticker I was thinking of making, a simple statement…Pray for Barry.  That is on the list of things to do in my head.  Usually, these things just get deleted because when I actually get around to it they are already obsolete.

There are several other campaigns asking for prayers for Obama.  Another rosary campaign on a blog and Facebook has a  group “1,000,000 Christians Praying for President Obama”.  With all of this spiritual support we can only hope this mans eyes and heart will be open to the truth.

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