Born This Way…Or Are They?

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Office Depot has recently partnered with Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation.  At first glance it seems harmless, especially if you aren’t familiar with the lyrics to Lady Gaga’s song “Born This Way”.  The Born This Way Foundation’s website is full of information about being kind, accepting, brave, yourself and empowering kids to build a […]

Without Property…

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“When the mass of families in a State are without property, then those who were once citizens become virtually slaves. The more the State steps in to enforce conditions of security and sufficiency; the more it regulates wages, provides compulsory insurance, doctoring, education, and in general takes over the lives of the wage-earners, for the […]

My First VBA2C Home Birth Story, 13 Years Later…

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Wow, I can not believe it has been 13 years.  I actually thought I lost my birth story.  I have had about 5 computers since I wrote it and could not locate it.  I decided to give it one more in-depth look a few months ago and I found it!!!  I will leave it in […]

Acts of the Soul…

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“From day to day it becomes more and more evident how needful it is that the principles of Christian wisdom should ever be borne in mind, and that the life, the morals, and the institutions of nations should be wholly conformed to them. For…, when these principles have been disregarded, evils so vast have accrued […]

Does Circumcision Violate the First Commandment?

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A few days ago a friend and fellow blogger posted an article, How 11 New York City Babies Contracted Herpes Through Circumcision on her Facebook page and asked me to comment.  She was asking her readers to comment on whether or not we should be allowed to circumcise.  At the time, I was a delegate for Ron […]

A New Perspective on the HHS Mandate Fight

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I came across this article the other day and I have to say it is a perspective I have not thought of yet. It makes complete sense. I really like the way this lady writes. I’ve never heard of her before, but I guess she is a guest on news shows from time to time. […]

Ron Paul is Right on the Sex Selection Abortion Ban Bill!!

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Before you react, take a deep breath and try to let your imperfect emotions, thanks to Adam and Eve, settle down.  Last week I had not even heard of this bill until a friend of mine told me about it being voted down.  My instant reaction was disgust.  How could this be voted down, it […]

Are you a Fluoride Head?

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This is why we use a Big Berkey water filter with the fluoride filters.  Prozac is around 90% fluoride.  This is most likely the same with all up take inhibitors used to “treat” depression.  Can you imagine living in a city that is poisoning your water with fluoride and you happen to be taking an anti-depressant.  We […]

A Woman in Labor, Hath Sorrow

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  There were a few things that really stuck out to me today at mass. The first was the introit. This was Psalm 65:1-3 Shout with joy to God, all the earth, sing ye a psalm to his name; give glory to his praise. allelúja, allelúja, allelúja. Say unto God, How terrible are thy works, […]

The Void

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I am going to be adding a new category and thought I would write a quick note explaining what it means.  The Void.  Well, for quite some time I have been noticing here and there things that seem to be askew or missing from society.  I have come to the realization over the years that […]