Oops…Motrin Baby Wearing Ad

Motrin came up with an ad campaign that “done messed with the wrong crowd”. After receiving, who knows how many, complaint letters Mortin issued this apology:


This may be too little too late for Motrin. I think they will be kicking themselves for this one for quite some time.
With my first three I didn’t own a sling. I just did everything while holding them with one arm. Not the easiest thing in the world, but, essentially, the same concept as slinging, just one really muscular arm. With number four, I bought one and I will never go back. I am now addicted. I own several, but seem to always gravitate to that one or two I like best. Not only does sling wearing, when done right, not give you a headache, it can actually helps reduce stress.


Motrin fell way short on their marketing research before this ad was made, let alone released. When baby cries less and their needs are met mom is less stressed. Attachment parenting is such a wonderful, beautiful thing. This ad takes something so natural and intuitive and reduces it to a fad that causes headaches. I can’t help but wonder if Motrin has anyone on staff that has a wife that stays at home with their kids all day. It seems that anyone involved in this ad has never experienced the self-sacrificial love of a mother that practices attachment parenting. Sadly, the generations old enough to be involved in this faux paux have a greater chance of being latch key kids raised in day cares or on MTV and probably suffer from emotional deprivation themselves. Thankfully, this “fad” is catching on and in a few years time we will have a growing number of children raised by loving parents, that practiced attachment parenting, entering the work force and ads like this will be a thing of the past.

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