Howl My Soul

I was listening to Catholic Radio in the early 2000’s while driving and heard Fr. Corapi talking about a woman and then reciting a poem she had written.  For the life of me, I could not remember a word or phrase from the poem.  I tried numerous internet searches and came up with nothing.  Then, by the grace of God, I was driving again and they re-aired the same program of Fr. Corapi.  I missed the part where he said the author of the poem, but this time I remembered the main line…Howl My Soul.  My searches were successful and I found the website.  Catherine Doherty is the author.  I have read some of her writings and I feel as if I, not only, know her, but that she knows me.

Here is the poem in it’s entirety, with commentary by Fr. Corapi (Yes, I’m aware of his situation and I don’t care, I’m still going to quote him.  What he preached was truth and we all need to pray for him).  Pay particular attention to the last line, that I will highlight.  Keep in mind that she wrote this poem shortly after Vatican II.  How much more true this line is now…

Catherine de Hueck Doherty
“After Vatican II, Catherine was awake one night unable to sleep and experienced a kind of intellectual vision of the state of the church and it pierced her soul with a sword of sorrow and she wrote a poem and it came from the depths of her pained soul.” Fr. Corapi
Howl, my soul, howl…
Cry to the Lord, for His Church!
Howl .. my soul, howl!
Howl, my soul.. howl…
For you are plunged in the agony of His Bride!
Look! See how she is torn asunder!
How her members mock..ridicule her
laughing their hellish laughter
as they trample her into the mire
of their twisted souls!
Howl, my soul, howl..Before the Lord,
As tortured men howled on medieval racks!
For those who are Thy people Lord are trying
to make a Harlot of Thy Bride!
Howl, howl, howl… my soul!
Cry out.. thy agony which is Hers for you are She!
Howl, my soul.. howl!
Like men lost in the desert howl
before dying of thirst!
The time “for crying out of our depths” is past.
The time for HOWLING and anguish is NOW!
For men are deaf to all words.
Deaf to the crying and weeping of other men!
Yet perhaps the HOWLING of a soul
in agony for your Church will reach them.
For, as yet, here in this country of the empty rich
HOWLING .. has not been heard yet!
So howl .. in a whisper –
like a Hindu dying of hunger.
Howl – in a whisper that in its loudness
enters the mystery of Your Passion.
Circling a world which says…YOU ARE DEAD!
Howl, my soul.. howl..
Like a woman howls at the bedside of her spouse
or child when she is past speech or tears!
Howl.. my soul.. howl..
So that the Lord may hear the song of pain..
 agony..beyond human agony
Howl, my soul.. howl..
For the Church is in pain.
Look.. she lies in the dust of a thousand roads.
No one stops – the Good Samaritan not yet seen
at the bend of those roads!
Howl, my soul.. howl!
Ask Yahweh to give you the strength
to lift the Church into the arms of His Son.
For the Bride of Christ lies betrayed and bleeding
in the dust of a thousand roads.
“My dear brothers and sisters love your Holy Church, love the church with all your heart and with all your mind and with all your strength, love the Church.  For the Church is the bride of Christ, His very body, the two shall become one body.  Jesus and His Church are one and when the Church is attacked Jesus is attacked.  Love the Church for you and I have received everything good that we have ever received through the Church, the beautiful bride of Christ, the Church.” Fr. Corapi