How to Watch YouTube in Safety Mode

You know the drill. You sit down with your kids to watch a funny YouTube video and WHAM…something completely unrelated and inappropriate pops up in the sidebar. You hurry to cover the screen, but it’s too late.  Your little ones eyes have already taken it all in.


Then there are the comments.  You know the ones with the ALL CAPS foul language. You notice it just as your four year old says, “Mommy what does S-*-*-*…spell?”


It’s unfortunate that it is so hard to just have a good, wholesome experience nowadays.  As parents we need to make sure we are guarding our children’s purity at all times.  This can be a daunting task.  So I am always looking for ways to cut back on stress and make life more simple!!


Watch this little video to see exactly how to make your YouTube viewing experience a stress free one. If your children have different YouTube accounts, make sure you have changed these settings on every account. As long as you are logged in to YouTube, Safety mode will be enabled everywhere you use YouTube.