Born This Way…Or Are They?

Office Depot has recently partnered with Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation.  At first glance it seems harmless, especially if you aren’t familiar with the lyrics to Lady Gaga’s song “Born This Way”.  The Born This Way Foundation’s website is full of information about being kind, accepting, brave, yourself and empowering kids to build a kinder, braver world.  Who would disagree with that?  Well, when one digs further into the site you find that this is all about telling kids that they were born gay, that they don’t have to hide who they are because they were made perfect, perfectly gay by God.   Office Depot has made several back to school items with the “born this way” message on them and plan to donate 25% of the sales of these items to the foundation that plans to  promote this to school children.  Office Depot has pledged to give no less than $1 million dollars.

The scientific fact is that people are not born gay. The sad fact is that our young men are being poisoned. They are inundated with female hormones from the time they are created in their mothers womb. This poisoning comes from many areas, but has greatly increased in the past few decades, hence the seemingly effortless rise of the homosexual movement. Combined with this poisoning, the homosexuals propaganda movement has had great success, spreading their lifestyle as “normal” throughout all walks of life, including many Christians.

Where is this poisoning coming from?


I would like to pinpoint one area as more prominent than the other, but it’s hard to say.

First, we have all of the hormones from the millions of women who mutilate their bodies with artificial/hormonal birth control. What happens to the excess hormones that their bodies don’t absorb. Well, they are peed out into our sewer systems and go into our lakes and streams, and then recycled into our drinking water. The filtering process does not get these hormones out of our water.  Our whole ecosystem is being inundated with these excess hormones, effecting everything in nature, including humans.

For years, environmental scientists have known that the synthetic hormones from birth control pills are being flushed into aquifers, rivers and streams and have been causing catastrophic feminization in fish and wildlife populations.

Between 30 and 60% of the synthetic hormones and the biologically active metabolites from the birth control pill are excreted in the urine of a drugged woman. Sewage treatment plants do not remove this drug effluent. Septic tanks do not remove it either. The patch and the estrogen ring are even more concentrated sources of synthetic hormones, containing as much as three to six month’s concentrated supply of synthetic, biologically active hormone. Rainwater seeping through garbage dumps rinse the drugs out into the water table, assuming the septic tanks and treated sewage water haven’t gotten there first.

Recent studies show that these same synthetic estrogens cause prostate deformities in men and kidney disease in both sexes. Since cancer cells are notorious for the proliferation of estrogen receptors, these hormones are also actively suspected as being the fuel for many cancers. They are likewise suspected as a principle culprit in reports of falling sperm counts throughout the developed world.

Second, we have the exorbitant amount of artificial hormones used in the factory farming process.  Conventionally farmed meat and dairy all have these extra hormones.  These hormones are also found in the manure of these animals making it’s way into our ecosystem again through run off.  You can read more about the effects of these hormones here.

Lastly, we have plastic.  Most plastic nowadays has the chemical compound bisphenol-A, more commonly known as BPA in it.  This chemical compound is a synthetic estrogen.  These chemicals are released from the plastics, especially when exposed to extreme temperatures.   It used to be thought that only heating the plastic released more of the BPA, but new studies have shown that freezing the plastics releases the BPA’s as well.  It is alarming the amount of food products that are made with BPA in their containers.  BPA is released into the food and it is consumed.  Studies have shown exposure to BPA solely during development in the womb and breastfeeding caused male mice to be feminized.  Our family doesn’t purchase or consume any food that was in BPA plastic.  Look for BPA free labels.  Also, dental sealants for children contain BPA.  Think twice before you have your children’s teeth sealed!!

You can see that we are being bombarded by artificial hormones from every end.  It’s no wonder our men are being feminized.  We need to take this into account when addressing the homosexual movement.  This should help us, as pro-traditional marriage Christians, to have more charity for those struggling with same sex attraction.  These feelings are real to them and they are being validated at every turn of the dial, page, billboard, etc.  One of the driving forces behind the success of the Born this Way campaign is bullying.  Many young kids are being bullied for many reasons today, one of the most common is for being gay.  Pro-taditional family Christians should abhor this behavior.  No one should be bullied for their lifestyle, even if it is sinful.  We need to show love to everyone, love your neighbor.  It should be pointed out that we will be vilified by the media for objecting to Office Depots involvement in this movement.  We will even be accused of supporting bullying.  This, of course, is not true.

What I would like to propose back to our detractors is this:


Born this way encourages children to be brave, be themselves, celebrate their individuality, be empowered, make a difference in the world.  Does the Born this Way community extend these encouragements to Christian children who believe being gay is a sin?  Does the Born this Way community encourage these Christian children to be themselves, be brave, stand up for what they believe in, be empowered to make a difference in the world?  Somehow I think not.  I think this safety they speak so much of is only extended to those who agree with their pro-homosexual agenda, this encouraging of self expression is only extended to those wanting to express themselves as pro-homosexual.

We all want a kinder world, we just disagree on what being kind is.  Christians know that being kind does not involve enabling behavior that is harmful or sinful.  Being kind means standing up for the Truth in love, being kind means loving those we disagree with.  It doesn’t mean we have to agree with them.

If you want to contact Office Depot to express your disappointment of their involvement in this movement you may do so at this link.