Are you a Fluoride Head?


This is why we use a Big Berkey water filter with the fluoride filters.  Prozac is around 90% fluoride.  This is most likely the same with all up take inhibitors used to “treat” depression.  Can you imagine living in a city that is poisoning your water with fluoride and you happen to be taking an anti-depressant.  We know that millions of Americans do.  Not only are you taking the prescription, but your tap water is increasing the dose.

What about the rest of us who don’t take anti-depressants, nor have any intention of taking them?  We are being forced by our government to take the main ingredient in them.  Fluoride is a toxic waste.  The people who add it to our water down at the local treatment facility must wear full body suits and respirators when adding it.  It can kill them if they breath it in and severely burn them if it gets on their skin.

One main point that most people don’t know is that fluoride takes up the space in your cells where you would normally store healthy things the body needs.  Often this is iodine.  The thyroid can not function without iodine.  Once the body takes in fluoride where the iodine is supposed to be it is almost impossible to build this mineral up until the inflow of fluoride has been stopped and some sort of cleanse has been done.

I found these very useful “quick facts” from the website Toxic Fluoride.

Quick Facts

About Fluoride and Cavities…

Even supporters of fluoride are reducing their claims about its cavity fighting abilities.

  • In 1988, the American Dental Association claimed a 40-60% reduction of cavities from the use of fluoride; they now claim 18-25%; and other supporters claim only 12%.
  • In the largest study ever done, records of 39,000 US school children between the ages of 5 and 17, from 84 areas of the country with fluoridated water (1/3rd), partially fluoridated water (1/3rd) or un-fluoridated water (1/3rd) showed NO STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE in the rate of tooth decay in these communities.

About Water Fluoridation…

  • Sodium fluoride and silicofluorides are added to 62% of U.S. and 40% of Canadian public water supplies.
  • A World Health Organization survey reports a reduction in the rates of dental decay in western Europe equal to or greater than in the U.S., even though 98% of the western European water supply is un-fluoridated.
  • Water fluoridation mass medicates at higher than prescribed levels for young children (0-4yrs). The scheduled dose for infants under 6 months is NONE.
  • 66.4% of children living in “optimally fluoridated” communities have at least one tooth that displays visible signs of fluoride overdose (dental fluorosis).
  • The chemicals used in 90% of U.S. water fluoridation programs are industrial-grade hazardous wastes captured in the pollution-control scrubber systems of the phosphate fertilizer industry.
  • Until the early 1940s, fluorides produced as a by-product of aluminum and fertilizer industries were considered so toxic they could only be sold off for use in Rat Poison & Insecticide.
  • Drinking water fluoridation is opposed by both the Pasteur Institute and the Nobel Institute.

All “Quick Facts” come from articles on the site which contain references and sources

I highly recommend getting a fluoride filter if you are unlucky enough to live in a city that is poisoning your water, stop buying toothpaste/floss with added fluoride and stop letting your dentist poison your child with a fluoride treatment.